Liaison Futures


Is an initiative that aims to unify our experiences building over the last decade with great brands to create a more progressive impact. As active entrepreneurs, c-level consultants, and investors, we spend a large portion of our time helping early-stage founders block and tackle. We focus primarily on pre-seed to Series A consumer-focused CPG and tech startups. As an advisory and investment firm, we seek to identify the next generation of iconic brands and empower their growth from niche to mainstream.

We believe that while it’s never been easier to start a company, challenger brands are fighting an uphill battle for mindshare against incumbents with ten-figure marketing budgets and nationwide distribution. 

We back these brands and give these companies the capital and capabilities necessary to compete in the marketplace and deliver superior products to their customers. Our model delivers founders significant operational leverage through access to enterprise solutions through our partner network across marketing, logistics, and human capital.

Through Liaison Futures, we set out to find, forward-thinking products and services that will disrupt industries, and partner with them to build the next generation of great brands.